Child’s Gift Presentation


You may wish to consider including a gift presentation for your child as part of the ceremony. The gift chosen should have lasting value, perhaps a pin or pendent. We would call him/her/them up during the presentation ceremony.  Father may wish to have the gift in his pocket, ready for the presentation.

Unification ceremonies most often take place directly before or after the exchange of vows.

Feel free to browse the Internet for different versions of this type of ceremony. You may personalize this Ceremony with your own version or thoughts.

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Marriage Commissioner…


It is my honour to be part of a special presentation to __________ at this time in the ceremony.

__________ would you join us please.

(Mother and Father greet __________)


Today marks not only the marriage of __________ and __________, it confirms the family bond they are creating with __________.

Just as __________ and __________ have declared their love for each other with the exchanging of rings, they wish to show their love for you with the gift of a pendent.


__________ and __________, please repeat together after me…


__________ (Child’s name), as a sign of our love, we give you this pendent. May it be a permanent reminder; of the love we all share, as a new family today.

(__________ and __________ pin the pendent on __________ and give him/her a hug.)


Marriage Commissioner…


Thank you __________ (child’s name), may this ceremony be a lasting memory in your heart, as you continue to grow together as a family.

(Child returns to her/his place.)